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The installation of a dedicated electric car charging unit is a straight forward task. For an EV-Pow Associate.

The Type-2 unit will need to be hard-wired into your existing property fuse board on a dedicated line, and then mounted in a suitable location near your car parking location. Most single domestic installations can be completed within a day, with EV-Pow Associates being extremely aware to ensure the quality of the finished installation and any areas that may be affected by the installed equipment.

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Step One.

What Charging Unit?

Have a look on our website and choose your preferred unit according to your needs. Some are more aesthetically pleasing than others, and some have different capabilities. Also have a quick look at our easy to understand Charger Guide below, to ascertain if there are any restrictions to your preferred choice.

Rest-assured, all charge points offered by ev-pow are compatible with all current electric cars.

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View our easy to understand quick guide to target the most suitable charger options for you and your property.

There is also further advice available in the next section (Step Two) with our site survey 'Site Survey' guide.

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Step Two.

Site Survey.

The biggest factor that will affect your choice of Type-2 EV Charge Point will be the electrical capacity available at your property. For a more detailed explanation of how to ascertain this by completing your own site survey, please refer to our 'Site Survey' guide below.

Own site survey

- domestic clients only -
You may be comfortable enough to complete your own basic survey. In order to do this, EV-Pow will simply require the following information, which can be sent to us via our Contact Us page.

- Your type of electric vehicle - 

- The electrical supply volume to your property (kVA / kW) -

- The amperage of your primary fuse (normally 32/40/60 or 100Amp) -

- Whether you have a Single-Phase or Three-Phase electrical supply - 

- An image of your primary fuse - 

- An image of your fusebox - 

- An image of your chosen car parking space -

- A measured distance between these two locations (to determine cable) -  

- The location of any solid walls that may interrupt the laying of supply cable -

EV-Pow site survey
If you would prefer for one of our EV-Pow Associates to complete a site survey at your property, then please contact ourselves to discuss. We are obviously very happy to assist

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View our comprehensive guide to properly assess what power level of EV charger your property can support.

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Step Three.

Get EV-Pow on your side.

Once we have compiled the necessary information from a site survey, EV-Pow will provide you with an accurate quotation to supply and install your new shiny electric car charging unit: With no hidden costs.

If this meets with your satisfaction, EV-Pow will then contact your local Distribution Network Operator (DNO) to gain approval for the installation. After receiving approval from your DNO, you will receive an email confirming your installation date within 10 working days.

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View our easy to understand quick guide to see if you qualify for our Standard Installation package.

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Step Four.


An EV-Pow Associate will confirm the exact time of arrival at your property and will then install your unit, complete all other ancillary works, and provide you with the necessary training by which to start charging. 

All installations are carried out by fully qualified and certified Electricians.

All you then have to do is embrace your new electric future.

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Installation: Services

EV Chargers & Infrastructure for

Private Home Owners

Business & Commercial

Private & Public Charging

Property Owners & Developers

Destination Charging

Community Charging

EV Charging Strategic Consultants

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To discuss your perfect Electric Vehicle charging Solution


All major electric vehicles supported

Including Tesla, Rivian, Lucid, Canoo, Nio.

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