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EO Charging.

Small. Discrete. Efficient.

EO (Electricity Online) provide simple yet attractive chargers that can be as uncomplicated or as complex as the user demands, but all with the end mission of helping people to achieve energy independence. Which is the ultimate goal in electric car charging is it not? To enable the powering of your vehicle from a sustainable source such as solar or wind. From the word ‘go’, EO focus on cost efficiency and ease of application, without a huge sacrifice made to quality and aesthetics.

“Electric vehicle chargers are more than ‘just a plug’, they’re the gateway to the future of mobility and the first piece of the puzzle in giving people energy autonomy.”

Charlie Jardine, Founder & CEO

EO Mini Pro 3

EO Mini Pro-3.3.jpeg

World’s smallest smart solar charger.


Compact and ergonomic EV charging station, same size as an A5 notepad (230mm x 151mm x 125mm).


Charging capacity of 7.2kW (single-phase), perfect for overnight charging.


The EO app lets you review your charging history, monitor energy usage, and start and stop EV charging sessions all from the palm of your hand.


Compatible with all Type 2 electric vehicles, the perfect plug-and-play charging solution.


Future-proof your energy needs with the EO Mini Pro 3. This charger comes with CT clamps as standard, so you can charge your car from your solar panels. On cloudy days, the charger will supplement with green grid energy.


Worried about energy blackout when plugging in at home? The EO Mini Pro 3 has power balancing capability to avoid overloading your electrical supply. Charge your car with confidence, knowing that your home’s electrical system is protected.

Cable entry

Power install options available through the rear of the enclosure or at the base

Built in PME

Meets UK smart charging regulations and prevents the need for unsightly earth rods

Mounting options

Wall or post mounted, suitable for indoor or outdoor installation (IP56/IP54 rated)

Wide temperature range

Operates in temperatures between -25°C & 50°C

DC Leakage Protection

Integral 6mA DC leakage detection, no Type B RCD required

Socketed or Tethered

Socketed allows the user to remove the cable and store separately, tethered comes with a fixed cable that cannot be removed


The Tethered EO Mini Pro 3 is only available with a 5 metre cable, but the socketed unit is available with 3 lengths of cable (5m, 7.5m & 10m)

3-year warranty

3-year warranty as standard with options to extend available

EO Genius.

EO Genius..webp

Commercial charging & fleet management.

The Genius is in the detail.

Safety first.

Built-in PME means there is no need for earth rods or any additional expense on safety devices. Safe charging made simple.


Genius 2 is back-office agnostic, making it ready to integrate with EO Cloud or any OCPP-compliant software platform.

Dynamic load balancing.

Distribute available site power across your charging infrastructure using multiple local or automatic load management options.

Pro performance.

Stay connected with Wi-fi, Bluetooth or Cat 5 Ethernet as standard on the Genius 2. 4G cellular as an optional extra.

Up to 22kW

Perfect for overnight commercial or depot charging (single-phase or three-phase options)

Easy to install

Earth rods not needed: built-in open PEN conductor protection (single-phase)


Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & Cat 5 Ethernet as standard, 4G cellular as optional extra

Load management

Distribute power across your chargers using local or automatic load management options


Built-in RFID reader to restrict access for employees or fleet vehicle drivers

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Compatible with all electric car models.

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