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Look again at the background photo at the top of this page. Beautiful isn't it. But where are these home owners going to charge their electric vehicles? Now consider all those houses and communities where residents have a similar conundrum, where they do not have a drive or garage directly attached to their home. They have to park their vehicles on the street - sometimes not that close to their property. How will they charge their electric vehicle overnight?

As the world of transportation gathers pace towards electrification; everyone will need to charge their vehicles. Preferably overnight at, or near to their home, and at minimal inconvenience to their busy schedules.

EV-Pow strongly believes that Community EV Charging is the way forward for this demographic. All we need is a power supply and a car park. 

Village pubs, Community Centres, Parish Halls, Church's, even the old phone interchange buildings; are all viable possibilities for a Community EV charging proposition. It doesn't matter whether these buildings are currently open or not, they still have power and on-site car parking. 

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The whole world is moving towards an electric form of transportation, with an estimated 65 million EV's on the roads by 2030. The U.K. is leading this transition. Electric Vehicle Owners require an easy to understand and convenient ability to charge their EV overnight. But many will not be able to do this, as a consequence of not having a driveway, garage or other dedicated parking space at or near their home.

And with the imminent emergence and expansion of the second-hand EV car market, the overnight EV charging infrastructure needs to expand at a similar alarming rate. For all. 

The Community or Village Pub, Parish Hall, or Community Building can provide the perfect solution to this conundrum. And as the business owner, can provide you with an additional revenue stream from your property: One with zero effort or cost to yourself, all whilst you are sleeping, and whether your building or business is still open or closed.

Security & Control-ability

All EV-Pow charging units are Wifi and SmartApp enabled, allowing you to remotely control your EV Charge Unit via your mobile phone or desktop, from anywhere in the world. Lock, unlock, enable third-party access, view real time usage, and bill users; all from the palm of your hand.

Closed Subscription Charging

As a community, you may wish to control who can use your EV charging infrastructure, and when. EV-Pow can establish your group with a manageable membership or subscription system, where only authorised users can book slots and use the chargers. Or you can choose to make it accessible to all and payable by credit card at the point of usage. Completely up to you.

Revenue Generation

EV-Pow can tailor your EV charging solution to enable you to derive revenue from its usage. You may just desire to cover the costs of electricity, or you could set your own specific tariffs by which to generate profit. Chargeable in advance, post-usage or during the time of usage. At the unit or with yourself directly. Anything is possible.

Single or Multi Site Operation

Not a problem. EV-Pow has infrastructure possibilities that will enable the integration of several geographically separate sites onto the same sub-system, to enable control and management from one central hub on a dedicated desktop PC or Mac. At the same time or as your business grows.

Tailored to you.

We can even add your business or community identity to the actual EV charging unit and displayed information notices.

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Investment. Not cost.

Do not think of an EV charging infrastructure installation as a cost. It is an investment. Especially when you choose one of our tailored multiple-user ‘pay-to-charge’ options. All scaleable and managed via a central cloud-based platform and your own dedicated sub-system.

Zero Cost. Maximum Gain.

If your property meets with our criteria, EV-Pow can propose a tailored EV charging infrastructure, and establish it at zero cost to yourself. Whilst still enabling your business or community to profit from usage. Speak to us, your proposition may be exactly what we are looking for.


People will need to charge their EV's. The top two factors to enable this are overnight charging and proximity to home. 

Imagine what possibilities YOUR building holds...

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To discuss your perfect Electric Vehicle charging Solution

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All major electric vehicles supported

Including Tesla, Rivian, Lucid, Canoo, Nio.

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