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Towards an electric future.

The car and transportation revolution is happening.

At a monumental pace. 


This is where EV-Pow comes in. We instal electric vehicle charging units at your property.


EV-Pow has an immediate focus on existing properties in the French & Swiss Alps and inter-lying regions, that now require an electric vehicle charge point installation to prepare it for the inevitability of tomorrow’s electric world. You may live in the region, own a second home that you drive to, or a property that has a requirement to offer guests the facility to charge an electric vehicle.


EV-Pow also assists business with the implementation of a coordinated electric charging infrastructure to facilitate their ambition to switch to an electric fleet of transportation. Mountain resort transfer companies, chalet operators, in-resort travel and delivery services can all benefit from the electric future. And in making such progressive strategies, these companies are doing their part to help combat climate change and are building sustainability for the mountain tourism industry.  

Direct Retail

A selection of Type-2 EV Charge Points and EV accessories are available for direct purchase and order from our secure online shop. If you are a qualified electrician, then trade discounts are available if you register as an Associate with EV-Pow. Please follow the link below.

EV-Pow can assist in all these circumstances, and more.

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EV-Pow specifically operates within and around the following regions:

Morzine, The Portes Des Soleil & The Valley Verte.

Samoens, The Grand Massif & The Giffre Valley.

Chatel & The Abondance Valley.

Lac Leman - Southern shores.

Chamonix, Les Houches & Passey



Val D'Isere.



EV-Pow is continually expanding geographical locations faster than the ability of our web designer. So if your area is not listed above, please do still enquire as we may be able to assist.

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Because the revolution has already begun. Electric cars are here. Now.

And they are only set to become more popular and ultimately supersede the current diesel and petrol market. And we need this to happen in order to sustain our world for the future.

All renown car manufacturers are releasing comprehensive ranges of fully electric vehicles, with increased range and faster charging capabilities. Most have or are ceasing production of traditional fossil fuelled vehicles. Governments have also set agendas to combat global warming, with the Car being a primary contributing variable marked for change. There are also significant government incentives available to both the private and commercial sectors, to purchase electric cars and to install the necessary charging facilities to sustain them. 

And as the contemporary models of electric vehicles have evolved and become more powerful, the standard plug-in lead that is supplied with most cars will not be sufficient to properly charge the vehicle. Only the minimum of a Type-2 hard-wired EV Charge Point will be able to sustain your electric vehicle's power demands.

Don't Panic.

A dedicated 7kW Type-2 EV Charge Point from EV-Pow will be able to charge at approximately 50km per hour. This equates to 400km of range from one overnight charge (8 hours). And with more and more public charge points coming online every day, and rapid chargers with the ability to charge a car to 80% in less than 30 mins being located at intelligent places throughout the country; the ability to complete long distance journeys is already apparent.

Trust Us.

So now really is the time to be confident to buy your next car as an electric powered version. And by installing an EV-Pow Type-2 charging unit solution at your property, you can be safe in the knowledge that your road journeys can continue just the same as they are at present.

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Simple. Contact us.

The first action you need to take is to instal a Type-2 Electric Vehicle Charge-point at your property, to enable the efficient charging of your new electric vehicle. Everything else will fall into place there-after.

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Today’s electric vehicles have a range of up to 480 kilometers on a full overnight charge.

With the infrastructure by which to enable mid-journey fast charging already in situ.
And expanding daily.

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HyperVolt chargers


To discuss your perfect Electric Vehicle charging Solution

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All major electric vehicles supported

Including Tesla, Rivian, Lucid, Canoo, Nio.

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