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Quality & Affordability.


Long before we started making EV chargers, we were just like you.

After opting for an electric car, we started exploring the available home charger options, but what we found didn’t excite us much. We realised that if we wanted to find a charging option with great build quality and aesthetic appeal, we would have to build one ourselves, and so, our journey began.

We’ve been making EV chargers since 2016. Original founders of the firm Andersen EV, we saw the company expand to become a global supplier with clients worldwide. Success brought rewards and challenges. We learnt about running a business and the struggles of keeping faith with a vision when things scale up, and investors with different values come on board.


We make products that set industry standards for design, user experience and build quality.


We started as a family run firm business and a family run business we will remain. Our decisions are influenced only by considering what is best for our products and for our customers. We are personally involved in every part of the business, from design, manufacturing, delivery and admin to cleaning the floors.


The heritage and natural beauty of our home Cotswolds has a huge influence on the products we make. When it comes to design, we are classic, we are British, and we are proud.


We don’t cut corners with our materials. We work with UK suppliers to reduce Co2 and shipping costs. We create products made to perform throughout the seasons for year after year.


Good customer service and making a good product go hand in hand. We want to delight our customers. We personally care about how people are treated. Our suppliers feel like an extension of our own family. We are a small business, and we want every customer to know that they count.


Home Series.

Universal un-tethered and tethered.

Solar adaptive charger.

3.6kW to 22kW charging power.

Tethered option includes 6.8m cable.

Compatible with all hybrid and electric vehicles.

Smaller than a sheet of A4 paper.

Up to 112 different colour combinations.

Durable metal construction.

Intelligent Smart Home Energy Management System.

Voted Best Buy Home EV charger 2023 by Auto Express.


Home 7

Keep it simple

Our entry level, single phase 7kW charger. The Home 7 offers incredible build quality and a range of smart features delivered in a compact, understated design. The Home 7 is smaller than a sheet of A4 paper.

Home 7 Plus

Find your style

The Home 7 Plus offers everything you get with the Home 7 and a bit more. Solar charge and automatically load balance energy between the charger and your home*. And synchronise with agile tariff and dual tariffs to suit your wallet. Customise colours and finishes from a classic British design palette. Our most popular charger.

Home 22 Plus

Power meets design

The most powerful charger in the range, the Home 22 Plus can deliver a 22kW charge when connected to a three-phase power supply. You can also use the charger with a single-phase power supply. All that power is housed in a unit with the same sleek design and compact dimensions as the other chargers in the Simpson & Partner’s Home range.


Business Series.

Single Wall Mount is a single-socket, untethered AC charger.
Up to 22kW charging with options for single-phase or three-phase configurations.
Stunning. Robust. Affordable.


Colour Match

Your Business never looked so good.
First impressions count. So make your mark.

Nothing Compares

Single Wall Mount has been meticulously crafted and engineered for commercial use.
Ethernet for ultimate connectivity. Optional MID metering for accurate billing data and dedicated back office suite software to provide access control and reporting per user, per site.

Integrated Safety

Independent RCBO for enhanced protection, isolation, maintenance, and upgrades.

OCPP Compliant

S&P chargers are Open Charge Point Protocol compatible. This means that you can choose to integrate your chargers with specialist software service providers such as Tap and Monta to monetise and manage your chargers. MID (Measurement Instruments Directive) meters are essential if you require precise and OFGEM compliant energy readings. If you need them, they are available - don’t guess your energy readings. Get accurate kW/h energy data.

Easy to Instal & Scale

Daisy Chaining and clever feeder pillar features makes our chargers easy to install.

Round-The-Clock Reliability

The On-Board electronics doctor is a round-the-clock monitoring system that identifies and resolves charging problems without you even knowing. Get maximum charging uptime. Everyday and night.


Ethernet ensures reliability; Wi-Fi offers convenience, catering to diverse networking needs.

Back Office Desktop Suite

Every Business Series Charger comes with powerful dedicated back office software. Admins get simple and easy control of all chargers across multiple sites. This includes energy data for billing, security access and comprehensive reporting.


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Compatible with all EV models


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