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By enabling your guests and visitors the facility to charge their electric vehicles at your destination; you are making a solid investment. As the world of transportation gathers pace towards electrification; everyone will need to charge their vehicles at properties where they intend to spend a good proportion of their time.

Especially if they plan to stay overnight or travel a distance to get to you.

Provide an easily accessible EV charging infrastructure now and get ahead of the game.

Speak to EV-Pow. We can tailor a bespoke infrastructure that not only meets your current employee / guest / visitor charging need's, but we can arm your infrastructure to be flexible and adaptable to cover future contingencies.




Destination Inns.




Caravan Parks.


EV Charging will become one of the most important factors when guests are choosing their accommodation provider.

The whole world is moving towards an electric form of transportation, with an estimated 65 million EV's on the roads by 2030. The U.K. is leading this transition. EV Users will become familiar with charging their vehicle overnight, every night, at their home. So what happens when they decide to stay away from home for the evening?

Factor as well the likelihood that people will be travelling some distance to reach you; which means range will continue to be a concern, particularly as they plan for their return journey or have further travel needs for the time that they are with you.

Electric Vehicle Owners require an easy to understand and convenient ability to charge their EV overnight at their choice of accommodation. As such, they will most likely factor what EV charging options are available to them when deciding where to stay overnight. 


Overnight EV charging will become a daily routine. Enable the possibility at your property.

A Type-2 7kW+ EV Charge Unit can deliver up to 50km of charge in one hour.

That should put your all your guests' minds at ease, and without compromising the electricity resources at your property.


Tailored solutions

Because of its independent placement, EV-Pow can offer you unbiased advice by which to ensure that your EV charging infrastructure is the perfect fit for your business and your guests. From single unit AirBnB to multi-site Hotel or Destination Inn Operators; EV-Pow has an ideal solution for you. 

Simple solutions for a complex problem.

A 7.0kW charger will be sufficient for your guests to charge their EV overnight. All properties can accommodate this size of charger. If you have a Hotel or Destination Inn, it is likely your building will be able to accommodate multiple units of this size, via its existing power supply.

There is no need for additional electrical sub structures or expensive interchanges on site.

Zero compromise

Most guests will only likely wish to charge overnight. Which is when your building is not using as much power.  As such, your normal daily trading patterns will remain uninterrupted and without compromise with available power. And what's more, if you monetise your chargers, your business will continue to be performing whilst you sleep.

Security & Control-ability

All EV-Pow charging units are Wifi and SmartApp enabled, allowing you to remotely control your EV Charge Unit on your mobile phone from anywhere in the world. Lock, unlock, enable third-party access, view real time usage, and bill users; all from the palm of your hand.

Revenue Generation

EV-Pow can tailor your EV charging solution to enable you to derive revenue from its usage. You may just desire to cover the costs of electricity, or you could set your own specific tariffs by which to generate profit. Chargeable in advance, post-usage or during the time of usage. At the unit or with yourself directly. Anything is possible.

Single or Multi Site Operation

Not a problem. EV-Pow has infrastructure possibilities that will enable the integration of several geographically separate sites onto the same sub-system, to enable control and management from one central hub on a dedicated desktop PC or Mac. At the same time or as your business grows.


The world of EV is still in its infancy. Just. EV-Pow can establish a foundation EV charging infrastructure that meets your current demands, whilst also ensuring that the same infrastructure is scaleable to accommodate the inevitable increase in demand. Start with one or two units, and add as required. Simple.

Tailored to you.

We can even add your business identity to the actual EV charging unit and displayed information notices.

Autel MaxiCharge

AC Wallbox

Maxi AC Wallbox.3 copy.jpeg

Perfect for

Hotels, Destination Inns, AirBnb


7.4kW / 22kW

Single or Multi-unit



Cloud Management

Autel MaxiCharge

AC Ultra

Maxi AC Ultra.1.webp

Perfect for

Hotels & Destination Inns


Dual socket (2x 11kW / 2x 22kW)

Single or Multi-unit



Cloud Management

Autel MaxiCharge

DC Compact

Maxi DC Compact.1.webp

Perfect for

Hotels & Destination Inns


2x 22kW DC fast charging

Single or Multi-unit


Contact payment terminal

Tailored POS information


Zero cost.

Maximum gain.

If your property meets with our criteria, EV-Pow can propose a tailored EV charging infrastructure, and establish it at zero cost to yourself. Whilst still enabling your business to profit from usage. Speak to us, your property may be exactly what we are looking for.

Or choose from our other capital investment solutions below.



Fully funded.

  • We pay for everything.

  • We manage the infrastructure on your behalf.

  • You receive a share of net revenue or fixed fee.

Zero cost, zero effort, zero risk on your behalf. EV-Pow will project manage the establishment of your EV charging infrastructure, fully fund it and manage it all on your behalf. And even allocate you a share of net revenue or agreed fixed hosting fee.



  • Joint investment between ourselves.

  • We help manage the infrastructure with you.

  • Your receive preferential rates and a net revenue share.

Join forces with EV-Pow and become a Charging Partner, with an agreed joint investment split between the infrastructure establishment works and hardware. Such an arrangement will enable preferential rates for your allocated User categories and a revenue split, with continued operations support from us.


Delayed ownership.

  • We pay for everything up front.

  • We manage the infrastructure on your behalf.

  • You pay for the infrastructure in monthly instalments.

  • Everything then becomes your asset.

EV charging infrastructure can be incredibly expensive. With this option, EV-Pow will fully fund and establish your  infrastructure under the same parameters as under Option One (Fully Funded). You then pay monthly instalments over a period of five years to cover the costs, and then the full infrastructure becomes yours.


Full ownership.

. Consultancy and project management by EV-Pow.

. You pay all costs of the infrastructure establishment.

. The infrastructure is yours.

. EV-Pow will offer to provide continued assistance & support.

EV-Pow can provide yourself with a comprehensive consultancy and project management service, by which to propose the optimum EV charging solution for your site. You pay for all establishment costs, own the infrastructure and dictate the parameters. EV-Pow will continue to support should you require.

Investment. Not cost.

Do not think of an EV charging infrastructure installation as a cost. It is an investment. Especially when you choose one of our tailored multiple-user ‘pay-to-charge’ options. All scaleable and managed via a central cloud-based platform and your own dedicated sub-system.

It is a competitive advantage at present. And a necessity for the future. And it represents a potential new additional revenue stream from your property.


The choice of whether potential guests visit your property could rest upon the charging facility available.

This is a whole new ball game - on parity to when Wifi ultimately became an obligation to provide.


EV Chargers & Infrastructure for

Private Home Owners

Business & Commercial

Private & Public Charging

Property Owners & Developers

Destination Charging

Community Charging

EV Charging Strategic Consultants


To discuss your perfect Electric Vehicle charging Solution


All major electric vehicles supported

Including Tesla, Rivian, Lucid, Canoo, Nio.

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