The time is now.


To power tomorrow.

The future is inevitable. The future is electric. The future is already here.

At EV-Pow we are dedicated to providing the charging solutions to power your new world of electric transportation. Today. And future proof it for tomorrow. Through our network, we can provide a range of bespoke electric vehicle charging solutions to meet your requirements at home, work and through public infrastructure. And we can install these quick and affordable solutions where you demand with our excellent team of engineers and support staff.

The time of convenient electric transportation for the masses is now. 


EV-Pow stocks and instals all the major Electric Vehicle Charger Brands.

As an independent Supplier and Installer of the most popular EV Charger units, EV-Pow can assure you of unbiased advice and a quality approved installation of a device that is best suited to your needs.



EV-Pow has an immediate focus on existing and new-build properties in the French & Swiss Alps and inter-lying regions, that now require an electric vehicle charge point installation to prepare it for the inevitability of tomorrow’s electric world.

You may live in the region, own a second home that you drive to, a property that now has the requirement to offer guests the facility to charge an electric vehicle, or maybe you operate a business that has a transport orientation.

EV-Pow can assist in all these circumstances.


Grants & Funding

Receive up to €12,000 towards the cost of purchasing your new Electric Vehicle and up to €300 contribution towards the cost of the purchase and installation of a fixed home EV Charge Point. All courtesy of the French Government and their dedicated climate change ambitions.

Grants are Canton specific in Switzerland, so please speak to ourselves for information and advice.

If you are a business or building Copropriete, then you may be eligible for funding of to 50% towards the total cost of establishing a dedicated EV charging infrastructure.  


2021 will be the year when sales of new electric cars will surpass sales of new diesel and petrol cars combined. 

We think that is a little more than just a hint into the future.


To discuss your perfect Electric Vehicle charging Solution


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To discuss your perfect Electric Vehicle charging Solution


All major electric vehicles supported

Including Tesla


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