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Luxury without the premium.

HyperVolt has developed a flawless, smart, and beautifully-designed charger that meets all your domestic charging needs, whilst also managing to look fantastic and not command a hefty price tag. 

Unparalleled, future proof technology.

HyperVolt works with you and your daily needs, whilst also having a keen eye on the future. The unit can be powered by the traditional single phase supply to your property, or via your personal solar PV supply. Or both. Either at the point of installation or when you are ready to switch to solar. After-all, the future of electric vehicle charging should be green, but that should not mean a compromise to looking great and being affordable. HyperVolt proves this,  

Smart simplicity.

With technology driven simplicity in mind, the HyperVolt Home 2.0 does all the work for you. Just set the initial parameters via the app and HyperVolt can determine whether to use solar supply or not, when to charge at the cheapest rates, and complete all necessary software updates. All without you having to lift a finger.


With the free to download HyperVolt App for Apple or Android, you can remotely control all the features on your HyperVolt unit. Set charging times, lock and unlock, view charging data, set solar charging parameters, and even set to 'party mode' - where your HyperVolt will then commence a disco light show.

"Alexa... charge my car."

HyperVolt is currently the only EV charger on the market that can be integrated with your Alexa Smart Home device; making it even easier to remotely control your device.

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Voice control your Hypervolt charger

"Alexa, ask my Hypervolt to set brightness to max!"

"Alexa, ask my Hypervolt current status!"

"Alexa, ask my Hypervolt to get the party started!"

And much much more. Enable it with a few clicks directly from the Alexa app!

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A 7kW charger that will suit all single-phase supplied properties.

A tethered charger for ease of use.

Seemless software updates.

Energy tariff optimisation.

Integrated Automatic Load Management.

PV solar adaptability.

Wifi & Alexa connectivity.

Remote activated disco lights or driveway illumination.
3 year warranty.

Smart-App enabled
Lock access to Charging
Schedule charge times

Real time energy usage and cost information

LED brightness control

Solar charging control

Energy tariff optimisation

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Including Tesla, Rivian, Lucid, Canoo, Nio.


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