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It's just good business.

As more and more individuals are now purchasing an electric car, isn’t it about time your company considered future proofing for tomorrows electric world. To everyone’s benefit.

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Business Owners

By enabling your employees, guests, and business colleagues the facility to charge their cars at your property; you are making a solid investment. As the world of transportation gathers pace towards electrification; everyone will need to charge their vehicles at properties where they spend the majority of their time. Normally, this will be via a Type-2 EV charger at their place of residence. But this could be unavailable or unaffordable for some people. Provide them with an opportunity now and get ahead of the game.

Speak to EV-Pow. We can tailor a bespoke infrastructure that not only meets your current employee / guest / client charging need's, but we can arm your infrastructure to be flexible to future contingencies.

Investment rather than cost.

And do not think of an EV charging infrastructure installation as a cost. It is an investment. Especially when you choose one of our tailored multiple-user infrastructures, with allocated free or ‘pay-to-charge’ options. All scaleable and managed via a central cloud-based platform and your own dedicated sub-system.

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Vehicle fleet


Reduce your vehicle fleet costs. Reduce your fuel costs. Reduce your carbon footprint. Reduce your tax costs.

Just reduce.

Switching to an electric vehicle fleet with a fixed facility to be able to charge each vehicle, has so many advantages for both todays and tomorrows worlds. And it can also increase the profitability of your company by reducing the associated costs of operating a car fleet. Tax efficiency savings are available from the outset, and the ongoing cost of running an electric fleet is estimated to be circa 75% cheaper than traditional ICE vehicles. With less depreciation & vehicle parts that require attention.

All with the smugness that you are also helping the planet.

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Property Developers

& Building Owners

Whether you are just beginning the planning process or already have spades in the ground, speak to us. EV-Pow can offer consultancy and installation services to facilitate the provision of the necessary Type-2 Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure your development is going to need, in order to future proof it for tomorrow’s world of electric transportation.

Multi-Unit Infrastructures

Ask us about our Multi-Unit Packs - a flexible, affordable and dynamic way to future proof any multi-occupancy building or multi-unit site for tomorrow’s world of Electric Vehicle ownership.

The Multi-Unit Pack can dramatically reduce the cost of installing an EV charging infrastructure in multi-user buildings such as apartment blocks and shared offices. The pack consists of multiple ‘dummy’ charging units that are mounted where required. The electrical infrastructure and back-end management systems are established to these dummy units, so that when the occupant wishes to install their Type-2 EV charger, they can simply buy a unit themselves and EV-Pow will simple replace the dummy unit with it.

As a Property Developer, Building Owner or Apartment Collective; this is the smart way to enable the provision of EV charging at a fraction of the cost. 

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The choice of whether to do business with you could rest upon the charging facility at your property.

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EV Chargers & Infrastructure for

Private Home Owners

Business & Commercial

Private & Public Charging

Property Owners & Developers

Destination Charging

Community Charging

EV Charging Strategic Consultants

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To discuss your perfect Electric Vehicle charging Solution


All major electric vehicles supported

Including Tesla, Rivian, Lucid, Canoo, Nio.

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