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Red Dot Winner 2021!

The Easee Home EV charge unit impresses a distinguished panel.

It is our pleasure to finally announce that Easee has won the Red Dot product design award for our Charging Robot! The Red Dot jury went through everything from packaging to functionality – appreciating all the hard work and our attention to detail. The massive growth of our company is proof that customers love our products, but it is a nice addition to humbly receive this internationally recognised and prestigious award.

Red Dot is an award with global reach and have promoted great design and innovation since 1955. Dr. Peter Zec, founder and CEO of Red Dot, says the following about this years winners:

“The winners of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2021 were particularly impressive this year. The design of their products is excellent, in terms of both the aesthetic and the functionality. It’s not easy to prevail in such a strong field of competitors and to win over our jury. Consequently, I want to congratulate the laureates very sincerely on their success.”

Red Dot Award: Design Concept - about.

“It’s always a risk to launch a new product and every design process is full of risks.” said Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, Founder and CEO of Red Dot, “That’s why designers and companies should check their ideas before they invest into these ideas. I think a design concept award is the best situation and the best background to evaluate the concept.”

Easee's Chief Designer Steffen Mølgaard is proud to win another award for the design of our Charging Robot, yet emphasises that the positive feedback we get from our customers is the most important.

Designing and creating products that people love is at the heart of Easee, and the massive growth we have had is all the confirmation we need that we are onto something special. This award-winning product continues to set records. So far in 2021 we have sold and produced over 70.000 units – which is more than in all of 2020.

We are more than this first piece of a smart ecosystem for power consumption and distribution. The same teams, reinforced with amazing new people, will continue to set the standard, invent solutions for tomorrow and focus on making the world a better place.

To view further details of this impressive and affordable unit, please visit:

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