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Electric a-go-go

By Paul Hudson, Motoring Editor - The Telegraph

These days, there aren't many weeks when we don't receive an invitation to the launch of a new electric car. Like it or not, the industry has ramped up their production (usually at great cost) in order to meet stringent emissions targets.

And, if you haven't driven one, the latest breed are really good, with snappy low-speed acceleration and, obviously, low noise. So it's no surprise that our new car reviews this week focus on newcomers from France and South Korea - as well as an in-depth look at the electric version of the perenially popular Fiat 500 city car. Also, the new 70 registration also comes into effect today. There's no longer the buying frenzy and oneupmanship that used to accompany the annual number plate change when it was at the start of August, but a fresh registration is still a big deal for an industry still reeling from poor sales (even before the Covid crisis). Our advice section is brimming with our pick of the best 70-reg cars to suit all budgets. Finally, if a new Fiat 500 is out of your league, how about buying a used one?

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