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The car and transportation revolution is happening. And at a monumental pace. With over 50% of all vehicles on the U.K. roads - 19 million cars - expected to be all-electric by 2029.

And they are all going to need charging. Especially overnight. Where-ever that EV owner will be residing for that night.

But hospitality properties such as Hotels, Destination Inns, and AirBnB’s might be hesitant to install electric vehicle (EV) charging facilities for several reasons:

1. Cost and Investment: 

Installing EV charging stations can be expensive, including the cost of hardware, installation, and potential upgrades to electrical infrastructure. Smaller properties or those with tight budgets may find these initial costs prohibitive. 

This is where EV service providers like can assist - with fully funded options for the installation and management of the EV charging facility. Additionally, there is a misconception that by providing EV charging facilities, it will cost the property owner in electricity discharged. This was the scenario with solutions like the older Tesla destination chargers for example, but is now no longer the case at all. Huge advancements have been made within the realm of EV charging equipment and technology over the last couple of years that remove any of these such concerns, and actually enable the EV charging service to derive profit from usage.

2. Infrastructure Limitations: 

Older buildings or those in remote areas might lack the necessary electrical infrastructure to support EV charging stations without significant upgrades, which can be both complex and costly. 

But EV-Pow does not believe that this means the end of the discussion. Not at all. If you have a building, you have power. And it is not how much power is present, but WHEN that power is not in use and thus becomes available. This is generally overnight. Which is when our Destination Guest most desires to be charging their EV. As such, with the correct choice of EV charging unit or infrastructure, and dedicated operational management of that service, we only need to establish the parameters within the EV charging infrastructure to reflect this electrical power availability, and allocate its usage accordingly.

3. Space Constraints

Limited parking space can be a significant issue. Adding EV charging stations requires dedicated parking spots, which might not be feasible for properties with restricted parking availability. 

Absolutely this could represent a problem. But as EV adoption continues to increase rapidly, and more drivers are becoming in need of EV charging at your property; there will come a pivot point where the spaces that you do have will need to cater more for electric vehicles than traditional ICE vehicles (petrol or diesel). If this conundrum is applicable to your property, start with just the one EV charging space and assess demand. Seeking the advice of an advisory consultant such as before you commence will certainly be of benefit in this circumstance, as the initial EV charging provision can be designed with growth agility in mind, and the ability to expand as demand dictates.

4. Uncertain Demand: 

Property owners may be uncertain about the demand for EV charging from their guests. If the perceived demand is low, they might be reluctant to invest in the facilities. 

But you can remove this risk by partnering with EV charging infrastructure and service providers such as, who offer full funded and zero cost EV charging solutions. The world of transportation IS changing. And it IS becoming all-electric. Recent data states that AirBnB searches using the ‘EV charging’ filter rose a staggering 80% year on year (2022/23) and that properties where EV charging was available were booked more often and generated higher than average income. By providing a solution now you are catering for those customers that perhaps you do not even know are present - because you do not offer EV charging! If you still have doubt - remove the risk - seek a fully funded solution, with ease of mind and zero obligation on your part. And even derive additional profit from the provision that is established on your behalf, and from the longer dwell times by all these new customers that you did not know existed. All for free!

5. Maintenance and Management: 

Maintaining EV charging stations and ensuring they are functioning correctly requires additional effort and resources. Properties without a dedicated maintenance team might find this challenging. has recognised this as an evident conundrum for many destination property owners, and thus provides a comprehensive operational EV charging management service to mitigate accordingly. acts in a retained consultancy capacity for many such clients, who do not wish to undertake the additional cost of a designated new employee - especially as the demand for EV charging is perhaps un-tested to commence with. EV-Pow offers a full oversight service for the management of the entire installation, its development, control, adjustment, data, safety, compliance, customer service, revenue collection and distribution; maintaining its efficient performance and ensuring your guests have an EV charging experience to positively write about on all their reviews and recommendations of your property. We even clean the units for you!

6. Technological Barriers: 

The rapidly evolving nature of EV charging technology can be a concern. Property owners might fear investing in technology that could become obsolete quickly or might be hesitant due to a lack of understanding of the technology. 

This was most certainly the case, and still currently represents a significant risk - the wrong choice could mean a significant loss of capital invested. Or being tied to a Provider or Operator that is not as beneficial to you as an alternative. As with anything new and unfamiliar, the best advice is to seek advice.  With over thirty years experience within the hospitality trade, was established with this very factor in mind - we know hospitality and we know EV charging. We know how all-encompassing it is to operate a Hotel, a Destination Inn, an AirBnB even - there is so much involved, that occupies all your time and thought. And that it is difficult to allocate the necessary time to become fully aware of what possibilities there are, and what risks needs to be avoided, when it comes to the installation & development of an EV charging facility. Reach out - we want to be of service and of benefit to you and your business.

7. Partnership and Incentive Challenges: 

While there are incentives and partnerships available for installing EV chargers, accessing and understanding these programs can be complicated, discouraging some property owners from pursuing them. 

Having been in your position as Hospitality Operators & Professionals, and more recently witnessing first-hand the rapidly advancement of the EV industry with the establishment of in 2020; this is most definitely something to allocate your attention towards. The rate of EV adoption is escalating at an exponential rate, with over 19 million EV’s expected to be on the U.K. roads by 2029 - over half of all U.K. registered vehicles. EV charging and the provision of it, represents huge present and future revenue returns. And there are a lot of parties interested in this revenue as you can imagine. And absolutely, EV-Pow is one of them. But we work with you and on your behalf. We adjust our offer and your return, based upon how you wish to establish and benefit from the EV charging you provide. With most of our clients, we work on a retained management consultant fee to establish, operate and develop the EV charging infrastructure, with the addition of circa 10-12% of profit derived from the EV charging dispensed. Based upon your desired level of capital investment, your profit return can range from 40% (fully funded infrastructure) to 85% (your capital investment), after the cost of electricity has already been returned to you immediately at the point of usage. The remaining 5% of profit is allocated to the SAAS commissioned to remotely facilitate the charger(s) via the cloud-based App. Our clear and transparent advice. Your choice.

9. Liability Concerns: 

Property owners might worry about potential liabilities associated with EV chargers, such as equipment malfunctions or accidents.

Again, absolutely. This where partnering once again with an EV infrastructure and services provider such as is the safest choice. Not only does EV-Pow provide all the necessary ongoing services for maintenance, compliance, safety and cleanliness of all your EV chargers and electrical infrastructures, but we adsorb liability for its provision. This reflects any risk away from your business, giving you peace of mind.

10. Competing Priorities: 

Hospitality properties often have various priorities and competing needs for capital investments, such as room upgrades, facility improvements, or other guest amenities, which may take precedence over EV charging stations.

Having previously owned Hotels and Destination Inns, we know this only too well. Dilapidations of the property and having to continually re-invest consumes significant financial resources. And at this present time, we know just how financially hard the industry is, with escalating costs, competitive pressures, and the aftermath of the COVID years having depleted capital reserves. The allocation of funds to any capital investment at present is difficult. But again, please speak to us! offers zero-cost-fully-funded EV charging solutions. Free to you - zero capital investment! And these charging solutions can actually add an additional revenue stream to your business that is not currently present - meaning you will have more capital to invest for future dates. And should you see the total financial benefit that is facilitated by the provision of an EV charging service, and you wish to derive a larger share of the revenue, then our arrangements are always flexible. You can establish the EV infrastructure at zero cost now and own it in the future years. Your choice.


The challenges highlighted above are why some hospitality properties may be hesitant to install EV charging facilities despite the rapidly growing popularity of electric vehicles. And here at we completely understand. But please reach out if you think we can be of service - we would value nothing more than to be of assistance to hospitality industry professionals such as yourselves, within an industry that is our core passion.

Thanks for reading.

W H A T | W E | D O 💚



EV-Pow specialises in the installation and management of EV Charge Points and infrastructures to existing properties and those in development for:

Destination Sites.

Hotels, Inns and AirBnB.

Property Developers.

Business Owners.

Fleet & Company Car management.

Private and Commercial Landlords.

Collective EV charging solutions.

Schools & Academic Institutions.

With over thirty years experience of owning and operating multiple Destination Dining Inns and Hotels, combined with EV charging expertise of behalf of clients such as Amazon and Pfizer; EV-Pow now specialises in helping Hotels, Destination Inns, AirBnB properties, Company car & Fleet Operators, and Collectives navigate the world of EV charging by providing tailored solutions to meet their specific needs.

Whether you’re looking to install charging stations in your parking areas, integrate EV charging into your guest services, generate an additional revenue stream, or future proof your business for tomorrow’s motorist visitor, we are here to help.

From just advice to the installation of a single unit or Multi-unit / Multi-site infrastructure; EV-Pow can facilitate a solution tailored to YOUR needs today. And future proof it for tomorrow.

And for business and community, EV-Pow could provide your EV charging infrastructure at Z E R O | C O S T to yourself. And can manage the whole operation on your behalf.

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