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Hospitality properties like Hotels, Destination Inns, and Airbnbs should now be giving serious consideration to the installation of electric vehicle (EV) charging facilities for several compelling reasons:

1. Growing EV Market: 

The global market for electric vehicles is expanding rapidly. With a perpetual movement towards more and more consumers opting for EV’s, providing charging facilities can attract and sustain this growing segment of guests that drive to reach your services - now. And the majority of all drivers over the next five years - with the number of EV’s on U.K. roads expected to reach over 19 million by 2029 - over 50% of all U.K. registered vehicles.

2. Competitive Advantage: 

Offering EV charging can set a property apart from its competitors. It can serve as a unique selling point, particularly for properties aiming to attract a higher-end clientele who are more likely to own electric vehicles. Recent data states that AirBnB searches using the ‘EV charging’ filter rose a staggering 80% year on year (2022/23) and that properties where EV charging was available were booked more often and generated higher than average income. The same is becoming applicable to all accommodation service providers. And as the cost of purchasing EV’s continually reduces, increased demographics of the population will enter this EV owner segmentation, prior to total mass adoption.

3. Customer Convenience: 

EV owners require convenient access to charging facilities. Providing this service can enhance guest satisfaction and improve the overall guest experience, potentially leading to more bookings, positive reviews and repeat business. EV owners charge their EV’s overnight at home as the norm. This then becomes habit. This then becomes an expectation. EV owners will expect to be able to charge their EV’s overnight when they stay away from home. They will expect accommodation providers to provide this facility, and will most likely factor this into their choice of accommodation - whether there is EV charging available or not.

4. Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility: 

Installing EV charging stations demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and reducing carbon footprints. This can enhance a property’s brand image and appeal to environmentally conscious consumers. And especially if you consider solar PV options, which are becoming cheaper and more versatile, by which to power the EV charging infrastructure. Even some of your building’s electrical requirements. Hotel or Destination Inns with employees such as Regional Business Management roles will be switching to EV’s as the go-to choice of company car - it will become the only choice. Providing EV charging at your sites enables the efficient and effective performance of their role, and also cheapens the cost of their travel as you are in control of where they predominantly charge. And it all gives you something to shout about with your environmental marketing strategy.

5. Regulatory Compliance and Incentives: 

In many regions, governments are encouraging the adoption of electric vehicles through regulations and incentives. Properties that install EV charging stations may benefit from tax credits, grants, and other financial incentives. And these grants and incentives are available now - but only until March 2025. For example a small AirBnB property could claim up to £350 for an EV charger installation, and bigger accommodation providers up to £700 per allocated EV space. And speculation may suggest that any company still operating traditional ICE vehicles (petrol or diesel) beyond a certain date will be financially penalised as an additional incentive. Now is the time to act.

6. Future-Proofing: 

As EV adoption increases, the demand for charging facilities will grow. Installing EV chargers now can prepare properties for future demands, ensuring they remain relevant and attractive to a broad segment of guests today, and the majority of guests tomorrow. And the EV charging infrastructure can be established to grow as demand dictates. This is why using a retained specialist advisor like is a wise choice, as the infrastructure could be established today with 4 charge points for example. But established with the foresight to add 4 more when demand dictates. Then another 4. And so on. Getting the first action correct is paramount to time and cost efficiency for the development and agility of such EV infrastructures.

7. Extended Stays and Increased Revenue: 

Research has shown that EV owners choose to stay longer at properties that offer charging facilities to ensure their vehicle is fully charged for their planned activities whilst they stay with you. If they are planning a week-long or weekend break, they are most likely going to be planning activities within the local area, where they will require their car. And most definitely will value the security of knowing their EV is fully charged on their morning of departure, ready for their return journey home. This can lead to increased occupancy rates and potentially higher revenue from extended stays, in addition to being able to derive further additional revenue from the EV charging provision itself.

8. Partnership Opportunities: 

Hotels, Destination Inns and AirBnB’s can partner with EV charging network providers like to install and maintain the EV charging infrastructures, often at reduced or zero cost or through revenue-sharing arrangements. Or can be completed with investment from the host site, depending upon how much involvement is desired. In circumstances where the host site would prefer the funding and assistance from as an ease of adoption method without the need for additional employee’s or considerations to manage; the EV charger, infrastructure, installation, management and servicing is provided to the host free of any capital investment. This can reduce the financial burden on the property while providing a necessary valuable service. And the ability to derive a profit share from this entirely new passive revenue stream, without disruption to the running of the core business.


Overall, installing EV charging facilities aligns with current trends in transportation, sustainability, and customer expectations, making it a strategic investment for hospitality properties - perhaps even a vital one.

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EV-Pow specialises in the installation and management of EV Charge Points and infrastructures to existing properties and those in development for:

Destination Sites.

Hotels, Inns and AirBnB.

Property Developers.

Business Owners.

Fleet & Company Car management.

Private and Commercial Landlords.

Collective EV charging solutions.

Schools & Academic Institutions.

With over thirty years experience of owning and operating multiple Destination Dining Inns and Hotels, combined with EV charging expertise of behalf of clients such as Amazon and Pfizer; EV-Pow now specialises in helping Hotels, Destination Inns, AirBnB properties, Company car & Fleet Operators, and Collectives navigate the world of EV charging by providing tailored solutions to meet their specific needs.

Whether you’re looking to install charging stations in your parking areas, integrate EV charging into your guest services, generate an additional revenue stream, or future proof your business for tomorrow’s motorist visitor, we are here to help.

From just advice to the installation of a single unit or Multi-unit / Multi-site infrastructure; EV-Pow can facilitate a solution tailored to YOUR needs today. And future proof it for tomorrow.

And for business and community, EV-Pow could provide your EV charging infrastructure at Z E R O | C O S T to yourself. And can manage the whole operation on your behalf.

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