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Your Choice.


Option One.

Charger & Installation.

Purchase your ideal EV Charge Point and include ev-pow's Standard Installation service.

Option Two

Charger Only.

Simply purchase your perfect EV Charge Point and arrange installation yourself with your own trusted and certified Electrician.

Option Three

Installation Only.

Ev-pow has an army of fully qualified Electricians with the necessary certifications to instal EV Charge Points.

Contact us to discuss your needs.


The legal bit.

In accordance with French and Swiss laws, the installation of all Type-2 EV Charge Points must be performed by an IRVE certified professional Electrician. The unit must also be installed on a dedicated direct electrical supply from your primary fuse box, complete with Type-A RCBO breaker.

All ev-pow Associates are IRVE certified and we therefore happy to complete the full installation service for you.

Alternatively, you can choose to purchase an EV Charge Point from ev-pow.com and then select your own trusted and certified Electrician to complete the instal. Or, if you have already purchased your charger, we can assist you with a legal and safe installation service.

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EV-Pow Direct

All our domestic private EV Chargers have the following capabilities as standard:

. Type-2 Connection .

. Smart App enabled .

. 3.6kW / 7.2kW / or higher .

. Load Management systems . 

. One day installation . 

. Minimum 3 year warranty . 

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View our easy to understand guides to target the most suitable charger for you.


View our easy to understand quick guide to see if you qualify for our Standard Installation package.