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Etrel Inch - Pro / 7.4kW / Type-2 EV Charger / Tethered

Etrel Inch - Pro / 7.4kW / Type-2 EV Charger / Tethered

Etrel Inch Pro



Etrel INCH Pro chargers enable charge point operators to serve a large number of EV's, even in locations with limited power supply. Smart clustering and power management capabilities help lower installation and operational costs while support for several languages and authorisation modes ensure broader applicability.


The durable enclosure of INCH Pro charging station is built to withstand the harshest weather conditions while allowing the business to stand out with the design.



Technical Specifications

Etrel Inch Pro

Max charging power

7.4kW (single-phase) or 22kW (three-phase) adjustable.

Type-2 Tethered charging cable.

Level of protection - IP 56, IK 10.

Electrical protection - DC fault current sensor 6 mA

+ RCD type A

or RCD Type A EV

or RCD Type B

or MCB char. C

User identification - PIN code or RFID, app*, SMS*.

Communication - Ethernet or Wi-Fi or 4G LTE.

EV communication - IEC 61851 supported, IEC 15118 ready.

Connectivity - OCPP 1.6 SOAP & JSON, OCPP 2.0 JSON (upcoming), Modbus TCP.

Load balancing - Yes, Dynamic Load Balancing with Load Guard.

Clustering - Yes, with floating master.

Energy meter - Class 2 energy meter, MID optional.

Smart building integration - Yes, Modbus TCP supported.

User interface - App* or embedded web interface.

Material - Aluminium housing, Polycarbonate Lexan cover plate.

Colour options - White, Graphite Grey.

* when connected with a back-end system.



Etrel Load Guard:

For added electrical surge protection, EV-Pow recommends the additional purchase of an Etrel Load Guard device.



Load Guard is a sensor installed in the building‘s electric cabinet where it measures the electrical currents and sends real-time data to the charging station. It is especially important in situations where charging stations do not have a dedicated power supply but rather share available power with other consumers in the building.


INCH charging stations respond to received data by reducing the charging power to keep a total load of the installation below the installation rated value, or by increasing it to utilise the remaining available power for faster charging.









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