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Charging Dock
The Porsche Charging Dock is a particularly elegant wall mount for your Porsche Mobile Charger Connect. When you hook the charger into the dock, it is safely stowed away and protected from external factors.

The Charging Dock can be assembled either on the wall or on a separate charging pedestal available as an option. It can be locked and used both in the garage and outdoors.

Porsche Connect App
With the apps and services from Porsche Connect, you can conveniently operate various vehicle functions from your living room. For example, control the charging process, check the state of charge of your battery or bring your Porsche to a comfortable temperature before you start your trip.

Mobile Charger
The Porsche Mobile Charger Connect is a charger with a five-inch touchscreen display which you can connect with your household connection or your industrial electrical outlet. It is available with an output of up to 22kW. The device can be configured and operated via your WiFi. Your charger will also come with a holder for convenient wall mounting.

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9.6kW or 22kW
Supports intelligent charging: yes, exclusively in combination with the Porsche Home Energy Manager
Wall mount dimensions: Length: 385mm, Width: 135mm, Height: 65mm
Weight: 2.54kg
Compatibility: compatible with all Porsche hybrid and electric cars

Please note: EV-Pow cannot source this product - only Porsche owners can acquire this charger direct from a Porsche dealership. EV-Pow can assist you with the installation of the Porsche Dock.

The Porsche Dock must be installed by a qualified electrician. 

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Compatible with Porsche EV models.

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