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Safe in the knowledge that by tomorrow your vehicle will be ready to go. And the day after. And the day after that.

Every home has the capability to install a Type-2 Electric Charging Unit that will enable the provision of a full charge to your electric car overnight. With the constant progression of electric vehicle models by all renown car manufacturers, this amount of charge will easily facilitate the ability for you to complete your normal day-to-day travel requirements. With charge to spare.


Home Owners

The installation of a Type-2 Electric Vehicle Charge Point is a simple and quick task - for an EV-Pow Associate. We only need to know a few details by which to recommend and instal the most suitable charger for your needs. All standard installations can be completed within a day. So when you know the intended day of receipt for your new Electric vehicle, contact us and we will have your charging facility all ready to go in time.

Government Assistance.

The French Government has made provision for €300 of funding towards the cost of a private fixed Electric Vehicle Charge-Point at your property. This is provided to you directly by way of a tax credit on your annual tax return.

The contribution for installations in Switzerland varies according to within which Canton the EV Charge-Point is to be located and the power outage of the unit. Please contact us with your query.


Live in an apartment?

Not all car owners live in a private house with a traditional garage or dedicated car parking space directly outside. But there still remains a distinct need for this large proportion of people to be able to charge their electric car conveniently over-night. This could be within the basement of an apartment block or in a designated accessible parking space. EV-Pow can provide a bespoke solution for these requirements.

If you are a tenant renting an apartment or own an apartment yourself, you may not be the only person within your building in need of an efficient Electric Vehicle charging solution. Talk to other residents and maybe open a dialogue with the building owner - they may not be aware of the need or the fact they can receive incentives. EV-Pow can be of assistance with getting the ball rolling in this regard. 

Get funded.

With the French government backed ADVENIR program, if you are a company, public entity or a condominium collective; you may be able to benefit from up to 50% of funding towards the cost of installing an electric vehicle charging solution, tailored to your needs at your proposed building or site. Furthermore, EV-Pow can provide a charging solution that will enable the recovery or allocation of charging costs with one of our bespoke multiple users charge-point options.


With the majority of our charge-points, we can ensure its privatisation in a public space with tangible and non-tangible security measures. Most of our units are Smart-App enabled and can be controlled, turned on or off remotely by your phone; meaning that you can control who uses it and when. So even if you cannot see the unit, you know it is safe.


All our charging units have been chosen because they are compatible with all current electric car models.


View our easy to understand guides to target the most suitable charger for you.

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All major electric vehicles supported

Including Tesla


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