But powerfully effective.

Future-proof smart charging for the forward-thinking fleet manager and commercial EV user.

Instal a singular system or systematically add up to 32 charging units per hub; accessible to employees, visitors, guests and clients under separate parameters.

And in co-ordination with the EO Hub, unlock smart charging with access to Smartphone App and EO Cloud management platforms, all with the ability to monitor multiple locations.


Control your fleet

The EO Genius provides everything you need to remotely control and manage the charging of your fleet of electric vehicles via the EO-Hub and EO Cloud management facility.

Taxi & Transfer companies, company car & van operators, and car hire providers are just some of the operations to which the EO-Genius is targeted. Occasional Drivers will simply download the App, scan the QR code, and plug in the vehicle to charge at any and all of your dedicated sites. For your employees and pre-authorised users, there is the option to facilitate charging by way of RFID card given to each user for quick access.

And with the ability to systematically add up to 32 charger units to the one hub, you can slowly build up your charging offer as your fleet grows.

Multi-site operation? No problem. As your business and charge point locations grow, all separate hubs can be managed in the one centralised co-ordinated account on the EO Cloud.


Pay As You Go

App & Go EV Charging.

The EO Genius can be used within a multitude of parameters. It can be utilised as a commercial pay-as-you-go EV-charger system, with the ability to charge via a credit card or a RFID card. And you have the flexibility to set the price per charge unit. Perfect for hotels, restaurants, guest houses, or other commercial operations that wish to offer a paid-for electric vehicle charging service.

With the added ability to systematically add up to 32 charger units to the one hub, you can slowly build up your charging offer as demand increases. 

Multi-site operation? No problem. All separate hubs can be managed in the one co-ordinated account on the EO Cloud.



-Can be used as a fleet management system- 
-Can be used as a pay-per-charge system- 
-Compatible with all plug-in vehicle brands Power Ratings: 3.6kW, 7kW, 11kW, 22kw- 
-Universal socket-
-Smart charging capabilities (with EO Hub)- 
-3-year product warranty-
-18th Edition IET Wiring Compliant-
-RFID compatible-




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Compatible with all brands of Electric Vehicles

Including Tesla


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