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As more and more individuals are now purchasing an electric car, isn’t it about time your company considered future proofing for tomorrows electric world. To everyone’s benefit.

By enabling your employees, guests, and business colleagues the facility to charge their cars at your property; you are making a solid investment. As the world of transportation gathers pace towards electrification; everyone will need to charge their vehicles at the majority of properties. Provide them with that opportunity now and get ahead of the game.

Furthermore, you could choose the option to cover the costs of charging with one of our bespoke multiple user or customer ‘pay-as-you-charge’ options, all managed via a central cloud-based platform. Perfect if you operate a multi-tenanted property, hotel or similar guest accommodation business.


Vehicle fleet


Reduce your vehicle fleet costs. Reduce your fuel costs. Reduce your carbon footprint. Reduce your tax costs.

Just reduce.

Switching to an electric vehicle fleet with a fixed facility to be able to charge each vehicle, has so many advantages for both todays and tomorrows worlds. And it can also increase the profitability of your company by reducing the associated costs of operating a car fleet. Not only can your business take advantage of the current government ADVENIR grants and incentives to assist with the installation of an electric vehicle charging solution and the purchase of fleet vehicles; but the cost of running that fleet is also reduced, with cost per mile savings of circa 75% and less vehicle parts that require attention in comparison to a traditional diesel fleet.

And all with the smugness that you are also helping the planet.


Alpine Property Owners.

At EV-Pow we are constantly looking at the ever changing world of transportation - it’s our job to do so. And at this present time, we strongly believe that the way tourists will travel for their alpine holidays will be changing...


Have you started to notice more distinctive looking Tesla’s on the roads? Yes? Now think about all the other Electric Vehicles that are also being driven that you do not necessarily notice. This is just the beginning. Imagine being able to offer a generic charging facility at your property for this constantly increasing customer base. And also for yourself when you inevitably purchase an electric vehicle of your own.

EV-Pow specialises in installing Electric Vehicle Charge Points in the French & Swiss Alps - to existing properties and those in development.


Car Park?

No Problem.

Get funded.

With the French government backed ADVENIR program, if you are a company, public entity or a condominium collective; you may be able to benefit from up to 50% of funding towards the cost of installing an electric vehicle charging solution, tailored to your needs at your proposed building or site. Furthermore, ev-pow can provide a charging solution that will enable the recovery or allocation of charging costs with one of our bespoke multiple users charge-point options.


With the majority of our charge-points, we can ensure its privatisation in a public space with tangible and non-tangible security measures. Most of our units are Smart-App enabled and can be controlled, turned on or off remotely by your phone; meaning that you can control who uses it and when. So even if you cannot see the unit, you know it is safe.


The choice of whether to do business with you could rest upon the charging facility at your property.

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Andersen chargers

To discuss your perfect Electric Vehicle charging Solution


All major electric vehicles supported

Including Tesla


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